A report on the latest developments in Khartoum Center for Training File

In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful, the central committee of doctors Sudan ((the update file in khartoum centre training)) noticed lately in khartoum centre back for training to doctors deliberations across their after the declaration of the council of multidisciplinary composition of Khartoum Centre for training . Has followed through to your desk and cross training specialist's declaration and policy details the khartoum centre, after reviewing the regulations and laws governing the training process concluded: 1-wheel in the declaration of the centre Training alongside the hose and beyond the procedures for the recognition of training centres as article (6) (a list of training 2006). 2-violation of a large number of hospitals centres of standards recognized training centres (article 5 A list of training 2006). 3-a ticket number of modules of module as article (9) a list of training 2006. 4 definition of coach ticket stated policy adopted in training centres for the qualifications of coach and coach functions according to article 10 List of training 2006). 5-a clear breach of the laws of training spinning named coach of the participant and defined in the policy specialist training centres in the rural hospital or local hospital, which may include his hospital to the nearest train station. * Council meeting with Deputy Medical Specialties Children faced child committee council with all previous questions council responded: 1. The board is responsible all responsibility for the distribution of representatives by Musharraf specialization which appointed by the council on specialty . 2 adoption of the hospitals and units of specialized functions on board. Accordingly after reviewing a handbook (accreditation criteria) showing the non-conformity many training centres specifications and therefore proper way start rethinking the count to hospitals, which the commission has actually start already across the desk and training. Reporting about hospitals and units for boards specialist and chair of the board, drafting and distributed through questionnaires to all deputies to assess different training centres terms and regulations of the council of disciplines to be published the results of that in turn, also of The Financial benefits trainees point naming importance what benefits (Salary, incentives, get on the gaskets) and is responsible for providing employment. Him; before proceeding to oblige the deputies distribution by Khartoum Centre for training, council must medical disciplines and the state ministry of health full compliance with all laws and regulations mentioned prior obligations and also the hospitals and shows on a daily basis to Most of them, according to the laws of the board, not fit for training. About the 13 January 2017


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