An important statement

In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful
Central Committee Doctors Sudan
An important statement
Honorable Doctors:
Grandpa and salute their common
Mobility to doctors and their struggle to achieve a better reality for the doctor and sudanese citizen, is a model for the sacrifices, and our country doctors over the years, you'll never forget. History will continue, and mobility to home bois Healthy Site supervisor.
Dear Doctors:
Had the power of the security apparatus in the morning of Sunday, 5 February 2017 storming mays doctors in Khartoum, and Dr / Mohamed Qtạdt Vice Chairman of the committee of Central Sudan doctors charge to an unknown destination and he was released late into the evening of the same Today, we could go on and on-call every day until this morning. 8/2/2017.
We reject such practices which are an extension of the authority's approach and attitude in dealing with doctors and mobility are peaceful and fair their demands, through constraint and surround them security, we warn of prejudice and subject him to a doctor or torture Ill-Treatment, and consider that negatively basic civil rights, a clear violation of the meaning of humanity.
Doctors Lạmạjd:
Doctors Confirm Central Committee Sudan to freedom of opinion and expression is an inherent right and not a favour from anyone, as you confirm the citizens of our country. We are going and with determination and will not discourage us from adversity, but our strength and bassa, and we'll be The promise, the doctor and the patient suffering than prison bars.
Won't let go prison and will not discourage our resolve...
Long live the doctors unit...
Together for better health reality...
Inform the committee
February 8, 2017


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