An important statement about the assassination of Dr. Adam Mubarak

In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful, the central committee of the Sudan doctors statement important ((about the murder of d. Congratulations Adam) fellow professionals and duty: Tracker for general in Sudan and evolution of abuse in the particular doctors to find out what's happening is the product of evolution and the accumulation of the state of deterioration in the rights generally negative freight and directed for the doctor Falco Dar and medical assistance which was intended to target the lung breathing through rights margin, doctors are for free wills in the act and work and opinion, for that was guiding the huge media machine you saida for personnel from this sector of old newspapers Malicious rumours and broadcast for g confidence in sudanese doctor who witnessed the efficiency of all the world. To the assassination of shaheed profession and duty d. Congratulations Adam Arabic leather consultant cast ain't a stereotypical shorten her limbs on the offender and the victim, but the crime is the vehicle in which all contributed to the purpose of the loss of confidence between doctor and patient as we have stated above. Brothers citizens: as we always offer an analysis of the phenomena of violence and what it is. and to clarify the kinks in the health system in the country and the role of the doctor in the leadership change processes followed with a citizen from the same problems experienced by the doctor, I have to Obituary together planned carefully the liquidation process for health and healing and the roles played by Health Dealers in accelerate this scheme and to make their health that holds us together. Ntrḩm on the spirit of our martyr who left the victim of an assassination policies profession and renew our emphasis on the need for a law to protect the profession liquidation of protection of doctors and medical assistance. Accordingly based on the above committee invites doctors doctors central Sudan total of: - Vigil on Monday, 30 / January / 2017 o'clock noon before the federal ministry of health in khartoum and stops in the mandates of similar Sudan. - strike in private clinics for 24 hours in all parts of the Sudan as of Monday morning, January 30th. * the commission invites students in colleges of medicine and health sciences in various sudanese universities to organize protest stops and simultaneous solidarity as students today. Doctors tomorrow. and it's all integral. The commission also greets doctors central Sudan total medical specialists, Sinar City and those who stop their work in private clinics on the date of the incident until after tomorrow Monday as an expression of rejection of this heinous crime in protest against the deterioration of the horrible career hit value, We affirm that the time of solitude between doctors and temporal confrontation or individual addressing the challenges and difficulties is over, and doctors today one body online from home, to the maximum and no way to extract the rights and preserving the dignity and dignity Only through the cohesion and joint us. Inform The Committee 28 / January / 2017 m


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