Field work on cases of acute watery diarrhea in different states of the Sudan report

In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful, the central committee of doctors Sudan ((report of field work on cases of acute aquatic diarrhoea in various states of Sudan)) (2) Committee continued doctors central Sudan and through its various fr‘yạt in DC and mandates followed up and monitored A disturbing deployment incidence of diarrhoea acute aquatic center of citizens committee where spotted new 12 deaths and over 500 injured during the past week. The Committee refers to the concentration of infections in red sea state gedaref local dumps (East) and mandate khartoum as we recall that the report includes these mandates just does not cover all the states and regions of Sudan as most affected at this time. According to reports, the picture is as follows: 1-QADARIF MANDATE: most cases in local east flippers: LOCAL REGISTERED LESS THAN 7 days, 5 deaths and 100 injuries the disease spread between the regions of doe Blessed and Red Cervantes. As health authorities closed market mandate and schools in the area, red lsrf under severe weakness in health and therapeutic possibilities available in hospital and health centre lsrf red, with the complete lack of actions accepted in such cases of isolation Prevention and identify the sources of infection. 2-Red Sea State: #Port Hospital for children: average daily frequency to situations in the hospital with 20 cases recorded two deaths have been allocated 3 wards for insulation in hospital with congestion Very more than 100 sleeping situation currently in the hospital. It hurts to stop d kholat hospital and restricted to cases of acute watery diarrhoea and sick newborns only with any other situations. Available in hospital an i.v. for free with the start of the authorities awareness campaigns for mothers in the hospital. #Hospital Port Sudan. Mystical: average daily hesitation about 15 cases with 3 fatalities during the past few days have been allocated the isolation ward cases with total absence of safety and prevention. 3-Khartoum State: - Health authorities have jurisdiction since Saturday. Closed the way food and drinks at the central market for ten days after the increasing incidence of acute watery diarrhoea central citizens. #Hospital Ibrahim Malik: average daily frequency to situations in the hospital 20 cases with no reported deaths, most cases of central market area south of Khartoum. Transfer cases that need to establish a long to tropical hospital omdurman and welcome to the completion of clinical and wards for insulation in the hospital. #Naval Hospital Education: average daily frequency to situations in the hospital with 10 cases of deaths during the last few days. Amber was provided to isolate cases there are currently about 21 patients. Don't have any procedures for prevention and safety for patients of others or for the therapist, as there was a lack of an i.v. with failure to provide it for free. #Hospital New Albanian: reached the cases to the hospital during the last week of 70 cases with no reported fatalities. There is a significant lack of medicines and iv medications with lack of safety procedures and prevention. If reflect doctors central committee sudan that kwa duty professional, ethical and confirm the following: #establishes the world health organization's definition of cholera cases must take into account the disease in the case of: - in an area doesn't know which previously injured epidemic Anyone aged more than five years of severe drought or his death as a result of acute watery diarrhoea. - in the area were infected with cholera earlier anyone gets watery diarrhoea with severe vomiting or lack thereof. The commission indicates that doctors central Sudan to happen and constant repetition of the mandates of Khartoum, the red sea, gadarif and Blue Nile. #Work Health authorities in various states to hide information and covering it up compounding of crisis and increase her mother as she is hiding and the same in all hospitals are terrible results of samples of therapists themselves in conflict with the policy global action The usual and scientific and disrespect and lack of responsibility. #Never take health authorities and even moment any real action to reduce the spread of the disease the formalities for the closure of shops, schools, markets are not enough to counter the epidemic, confrontation, which begins with the transparency in dealing with the issue of monitoring situations and not accurately The results of the tests, fill it to the professionals and therefore take preventive actions which are based on three pillars: - providing food security. - clean water and safe. - safe segregation and disposal. In addition to awareness campaigns and health education and spreading across the state and informational to reduce the spread of the infection and action to prevention. Together for better health... reality about the January 24, 2017


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