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In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful, the central committee of doctors sudan explanatory report no. 1 * Commission position regarding: - preliminary office bar. - National issue and engage the sudanese street. * Committee will doctors central Sudan across a number of reports to clarify the different aspects of doctors during the last period and the belief that the need to clarify the facts and the various steps taken by the committee to various structures and in various stages of the mobility of the mạşạḩb pros And failures or mistakes, for review and tajweed looking forward to the challenges and difficulties to come. Doctors Masses Honorable: Juvenile Scorekeeper fully aware of the achievements of the central committee in Sudan doctors doctors and representation of each unit of different doctors their degrees across the mobility led with you is the biggest gains this constant mobility; through Follow internal yard and what arises and round her and convinced the facts and enlighten the total doctors require the following explanation :- been provided through initiative run cream from doctors / for the purpose of the composition of the top leadership of the central committee include doctors and syndicate The Association of medical consultants and professors of the university of medicine and it responded to this initiative and was the outcome of what has been as follows: in the first meeting of the disagreement show committee members (unit) among themselves on the basic purpose of their work, some of them believed that Mission Find Guild and the committee and their living in just one table, and others believe that goal is the composition of the highest leadership committee comprising doctors and the union and association of medical consultants and university professors, and others believe that goal is out of the street view of mobility Sudanese In the last civil disobedience. And he made it clear to them the form of advocacy, which gave us; and we surprised the existence of other goals and explained to them the following :- There's already a committee for coordination between the central committee and preliminary office union led by running cream of consultants and Specialists, had several previous meetings and reached output is clear and we are waiting for the completion of its work accordingly and retention of us against them and literary entrepreneurship this work must be included in it; and denied all members of the commission for unity And Union Representatives in negotiating taught them that wouldn't be involved in what may be considered to overcome previous coordination committee; and he explained to them what has been agreed and telling them the following summary :- SMCC DOCTORS UNIT 2 membership of Sudan Old Doctors Committee of representatives from 2 old. 3 members of the committee of the pre-Union (Captain, Secretary, member). 2-4 members of the central committee of doctors. The Committee held several meetings; attended the central committee of doctors all meetings. The absence of trade union committee of two meetings. Bottom line :- 1. Safe everyone the importance of composition constitute a real body bar democratically elect represents doctors and pass them and their concerns and defend their issues and working on extracting their rights. 2. Safe everyone on the necessity of construction committees to subs. Central Public Assembly elected executive committee and chairman of physicians (Captain) address this committee for a mission to restore the legitimacy of the union with legal ways (as lawyers advice by providing mass resignations from doctors and union Established Bar and an application for registration of physicians Sudan through registered trade unions in the case of rejection that provides a legal appeal to constitutional court) if the authorities refused to declare that physicians europeansupervisor derived their legitimacy from the rules of the doctors, Sudan. 3. I have not agreed to merge with objects of trade union freedom and coordination. 4. Agree I got to the bar and the central committee work together to form committees and commissions under subs. Calling Hospitals (Commission, commission on civil doctors doctors omdurman etc...). 5. Get this done. After agreement ali restructure accommodate developments in the medical field, constitute Union paper based discussion; missed the union on this meeting. 6. Then entered the doctors strike and the evolution of after experiencing right now. And it confirmed what everyone that has been considered a good step in the right direction and must pay it forward to achieve the desired machines from my pain. It was your opinion regarding the central committee and the syndicate as follows :- First: the committee doesn't want a conflict in their existence as wraps around doctors to push for the implementation of which are known as the biggest load of requirements in the history of maoist A delivery and association in Sudan for the committees doctors earlier; accounting for health system reform in this country, with our faith fully that physicians Sudan as a strategic objective legitimate representative and doctors who work for him. We consider restoring its leading role and recovery And rebuilding her foundation based comprehensive; consider it a battle next doctors. Secondly: consider what has reached the coordination committee of doctors (the unity that we have different work earlier) in the past months, a road map on how to coordinate the efforts of the committee and the guild of professional various issues including and national. Dear Doctors: about the statement made by the unit committee recently stress that included some details out formulated and incomplete leads to distort absorb and understand things and it became incumbent upon us to clarify the following :- 1 / it was agreed to change Name to smcc doctors instead of named unit in doctors who suggests a divisive among doctors, and it is far from the truth the truth is the sparring between individuals and try to bring him down to the useless objects for doctors and general home; accordingly Things as they really are, as mentioned previously, and becomes the name of the coordinating committee is named after the commission which preceded by merging with each to continue this work. 2 / about the lack of prior coordination committee and have pointed to her earlier his explained that comes from our belief in the retention of their literature and their role in leading the foundation for this work and lead them to him and Need their correct name; thus confirmed unit committee it would seek for it and failed us so far including reached us despite its members long before the need to hold another meeting includes all these ingredients eve competencies phase requirements. 3 / the union was represented at the captain and his secretary had out in previous meetings with the central committee and reported by the representatives of the union delegation of negotiation with their ignorance; which indicates not have union executive office results of previous meetings which were surprised and But assured them that secretary stated right followed by the confirmation that the captain at the second meeting he agreed already outputs that we quickly within her earlier this clarification (summary of work coordination committee led by a number of consultants and specialists); Beyond that. Turns out he hasn't been enlightening Union Representatives in those meetings and the outcome of the committee's work and hide it. Even some members of the executive office of the union and non ownership output those meetings and show us that clear and clear through stfhạmạt Banishment of the representatives of the union delegation at the first meeting of the knowledge of any of it. 4 / about what indicated on the claim out committee report on the work unit and published rules doctors; we asked it wait until the first coordination committee and the completion of the current unit committee work and participation in that. 5 / mentioned an apology. The President in charge of communicating to the rules of the central committee of unity with the union was for the following reasons and that is unity must be conducted by the proposal submitted to us and we sat on that and that includes consultants and medical association and faculty of medicine Along with the central committee of the union and adding to our collection to enlighten the public that it is what we seek and until it be deferred to accomplish this step; besides, there are a lot of doctors / you don't know the current guild and imagine some of them she (Union Doctors / medical professions) Bar one power objects and him we're required by explaining that to them first. 6 / despite all that responded to the central committee to an invitation by the coordination committee meeting in addition to the central committee of the international committee of the unit and the presence of the sub-Follow-up with the union, the United Kingdom and Ireland as observers After a lengthy discussion was agreed to form a committee called commission (subs.) that includes: 2 of the central committee of the Sudan doctors office 2 UNION OF PRE 2 Coordination Committee, the committee's task was identified in an overall view building Doctors Objects Roots (Sub-Committees) and begin to view real public assembly had been elected body union doctors. * Issued Physicians Sudan after that statement and two days before the first meeting of the committee of the agreement which would circumvent without reference to the coordinating committee or central committee * Issue: fought professional doctors two rounds of strikes in implementing the note all point to the power that analyses Evasive maneuver and exercise will clear and commit all items of note forcing everyone to work with the highest potential in preparation for the third confrontation and we are more ready and arrangement; in that context should coordinate the mobilization efforts in preparing information aspects and logistics. * National Issues: doctors exist and a leading role in the Sudan and like other professionals and categories were always part of the popular movement in general in order to gains of doctors we have agreed we in Sudan Doctors Central Committee: Information support Former civil disobedience as shown in the statement of former commission. Doctors participated in moving through general committee be according to the following data :- The presence of clear coordinating for change consist of committees and parallel national trade unions and civil society organizations and people's perfectly and the other two. In the light of those parameters will participate in terms of the central committee is working for coordination and professional sectors and the different without their presence only our role to support and follow up the happenings accurately reality will choose the right time for every step. * be coordinated positions on the basis of these pillars to maintain complete independence every body until this stage is then examined the most effective ways of physicians building in Sudan as mentioned previously. Doctors Lạmạjd: this needs to be clarified and titled it for you guys and we have until accomplished as you return to the Central Committee issued that always work and complete manner found out lives up to the stature of the Sudan; the doctors but the recent exit of views Covariance truth and show some in the form of proposals submitted to us through the members of the public assembly required us to publish this clarification and submit it to you also, note that the minutes of meetings we have and that the parties involved alive and to be referred to authenticate And we'll provide and titled all these documents and we offer. Tour across field committee of public assemblies. Inform the committee, February 2, 2017


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