Meeting Omdurman Hospital

In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful, the central committee of the Sudan doctors report of field work meeting * Hospital: commission continued omdurman Sudan doctors central field tour to different hospitals and held on Wednesday, February 8th I addressed a meeting in omdurman hospital doctors, with discussion in various cases Mobility Issues, as we discussed in the optimal way to rearrange and strengthening of the sub-Committee in the hospital. * a meeting of representatives regarding the khartoum centre training: held office for training doctors Sudan Central Committee meeting on Thursday naval hospital, including a number of specialists meant presidents of different disciplines in khartoum state, where the narrative of the representative of the office for training centre's idea and breach of regulations and rules Two Medical Specialties Council Sudanese, showing the different steps taken by the commission and addressed through the council and the different sections. After a lengthy discussion safe all present to form the centre and the current policies with emphasis that and like this to be deducted from the value of training and underestimates the sudanese disciplinary council. • Condemns the irresponsible behaviour of the management of naval hospital across its deputy director general, who broke into the meeting accompanied by members of the security in a desperate attempt to resolve the meeting and then cut the power to the venue (a break especially doctors) which not only has the doctors only Determined to continue it. * security harassment resume again: our commitment with increased movements of the central committee has resumed again security agencies for their harassment and arrest of its arbitrary and doctors as an ongoing since the beginning of last week, disable and summon three leaders of the central committee of Sudan and doctors on a daily basis and they : D. Mohamed Yassin D. Mohamed Imam D. Ayub Hassanein it emphasizes that the arrests and harassment of security will not be able to stop the mobility and doctors will not discourage their determination and that the case will remain alive and burning until realized demands of doctors. Inform the committee, February 10, 2017


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