Dozens of doctors participated sudanese yesterday Monday in a protest in front of the headquarters of the ministry of health in khartoum authorities claim to protect them, following the death of a colleague to them in his own clinic by a citizen in sinnar city (28 km south of the capital. Doctors and carrying banners protesters demanding their protection authorities act was enacted to protect doctors and health cadres. Last week saw the death of Dr. Mubarak Adam Arabic, professor dermatologist in university college of medicine specialists working sinnar hospital in the city, the authorities arrested the accused under investigation to find out his motives. According to the central committee "doctors" is a parallel entity of the doctors - that the perpetrator of the income of a doctor in his own clinic and four stab wounds, the slit his hand, which is hard process of ambulance doctor and led to his death. Immediately. He said "the doctors" Central Committee Chairman Muhammad Abdullah that peaceful vigil its goal to shed light on the relationship between doctor and patient and the sanctity of the medical profession, and drew attention to the delay in the enactment of a law protecting the doctors and health cadres. Abdullah added in a statement of anatolia to " killing an Arab doctor accident deplorable.. always expect the worst, but we didn't expect full-fledged murder, this is a new phenomenon at Sudanese society ". while said " member Central Committee doctors or victory Ghazi Suleiman of anatolia to vigil came in response to the repeated attacks the right doctors, and their evolution to murder. And from time to time in Sudan doctors are subjected to attacks, forcing doctors to a strike for work more than once claim the authorities to improve the work environment and protection of the health workers. And shed this incident in Sudan light on situations that lives her doctors in some Arab states in Jordan, for example, the year 2015 saw the doctor killed by a refusal to adhere to the system for treatment role, leading to claim the protection of the doctors, Accusations against the government not to provide solutions to stop attacks on medical personnel. In Iraq, he said the report published in the journal of the wall street journal in 2016 doctors in Iraqi hospitals which treated in a militia and clans are threatened..


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