Report on the prevalence of cases of acute watery diarrhea among the public

In the name of God
Doctors Sudan Central Committee
"report about the prevalence of acute watery diarrhoea central citizens"
I've been doctors central Sudan commission raise slogan (for you), citizen and is aware that its mobility Sheriff document on consciousness and awareness of doctors all segments of citizens advocating that the issue of health is a national cause humanity in the first place and that all the items of note to improve the work environment And training and protect the doctor pour and foremost in the national interest and the interest of the citizen, it was close to your committee epidemic which support citizens since the middle of last year. The spread of the so-called diarrhea of acute aquatic and suspicion that epidemic (Cholera) First Recorded Cases Blue Nile and followed her kassala and sinnar island with some sporadic cases in other states all that with deliberate concealment of the federal ministry and after detailed report published by the committee (formerly) forced ministry Deal with it an epidemic disease without recognition to which enters (Cholera), the committee has been through its fr‘yạt states monitor every detail health disaster which witnessed a flakier and negligent of health departments, especially to all Sudanese doctors who have undergone such tragedy. They confirmed that the clinical picture of diarrhoea and the general situation of patients are more likely to be sick (Cholera) for him to be, and most of them had called for the need to send samples to the lab to confirm the central The epidemic and actions universally accepted and scientifically inevitability.
Doctors and honorable citizens:
I have followed the disaster which mandates mentioned above and your commission had provided a statement explaining the catastrophic and statistics on the number of patients and prepare them for the deceased and available in those states of rapid intervention basics to deal with the disease of medicines and solutions I.V. that saved the lives of patients and that was in a detailed report issued by your committee (previously).
And now you a detailed report on recent instances in the past few days:
#Qassim (Sea):
Hospital received more than 51 children injured diarrhea. Mayi Sharp all retreat back in the region of Eastern Nile Babiker taught her 1500 children, have been discontinued checkins. Accidents and reception of the patients in the hospital for 24 hours. And restricted to cases of acute watery diarrhoea, and has demonstrated the preliminary tests for terrible diarrhoea samples of cholera and note that cases of epidemiology be reaffirmed in reference laboratory and declared by the department of epidemiology, we Waiting for the completion of these steps.
#Hospital New Albanian:
The number of zombies on Friday, January 13, 61 patients infected with acute watery diarrhoea and signs of fluid loss. and note to double the capacity and the absence of clinical core appointed that help doctors in their work (I.V.) The absence of necessary actions for safety and agreed upon in such cases.
That little age of zombies between age 5 to 18 years and most of them through Malawi in the east of the Nile,
Have not been recorded deaths in the hospital, but some patients zombies confirmed that there are more than 3 deaths in (Lmsyd).
Yesterday 14 January been admitted more than 20 patients from the same area and have not been recorded deaths.
* as it should be noted narrowing the hospital administration to situations and warn her to medical crews working on the dissemination of information or describe the cases of cholera.
#Hospital Excellence:
Was transformed into a number 14 with acute watery diarrhoea from hospital qassim after field visit to the state health minister and minister of state, ministry of health and that their meat urgent care room advanced and a family of which there were only three in hospital ahmed Qasim, hospital also received more than 25 patients with acute watery diarrhea from the same region in the east of the Nile and the ward of the hospital wards.
#A civilian hospital:
Be reception in emergency situations and turn them into (Intensive Care before.
The number of cases, sleeping pills, currently 11 cases
And hesitation cases from 6-10 cases today, be in treatment of cases and most of them are out in good condition and there are no fatalities.
I reached the top of check-ins number 75 in today. Two weeks ago. and situations that reports directly to the federal ministry of health and is dead for providing an i.v. and antibiotic. The remaining treatments bring by escorts for patients with Silence of the ministry to situations and the results are terrible, samples and lack of safety procedures for medical.
* been sampling of patients but don't come any result for the hospital or to the doctor on duty.
#Red Sea State:
- you area has been asleep for more than 160 patients with acute watery diarrhea in isolated areas with students from the faculty of education; has recorded 8 deaths due to acute watery diarrhoea as well as the lack of basic appointed solutions I.V. Life-saving medicines.
Suakin City:
Registration of a large number of cases of diarrhoea and there were no deaths and no real numbers so far.
Honorable Citizens:
To a panel of doctors across Central Sudan as it seeks to collect and disseminate information development suggests that such cases must be dealt with very seriously and to ensure the safety of the patient and limit the spread of the pandemic and is quickly to live and to patient Extreme seriousness and threaten people's lives; cholera patient don't wait until it dies unless urgent action treated the authorities responsible for proper procedures to defeat the epidemic which hasn't happened yet.
So, we in the commission of the central Sudan call doctors and all the responsibility that are dealing with situations, as is known from the agreed steps, scientifically and examine the cases ad reached full transparency so that we can all participate in Save the lives of citizens and reducing the prevalence of the epidemic among our relatives in all parts of Sudan, who are our children and our parents and our brothers in the nation and humanity.
Long as the health of citizens..
Together for better health reality...
Media Committee
15 January 2017


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