the Sudan doctors office for training - women's section

In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful, the central committee of the Sudan doctors office for training - women's section and childbirth gentlemen in the presence of representatives: a considerable number of deputy women and childbirth by the board of medical specialties and incidence of deputies with harassment, denied entry to the council only Met Cards on Sunday 12/2/2017 deputies of the women on the board of medical disciplines with the council of women allocate and childbirth at exactly 10 am to discuss the delivery status of khartoum and its importance and then answer the questions and hearing excuses from the goals Created by the council. Deputies also met again on the same day at 1:30 pm to discuss data after the dialogue and consultation to collect deputies refused delivery status of Khartoum for training and adherence to distribute through the medical disciplines just change for the lack of regulations and laws clear All rights and duties of the centre and the intern and opposed to both the laws and regulations, policies, Council with training centres as regulations (2006) (2015). And to preserve the quality of the continuity of recognized training before was resolution as follows: - been lifted notification letter to the council for 48 hours of redistribution of the council of medical disciplines just change. Non-receipt of representatives from mistrust for new February 2017 - Cover emergency just to change during the period of 48 hours (Sunday 12/2-and a dragon. 13/2) in places old distribution - in case of non-response to the demands of all deputies depends on training from Tuesday morning 14/2/2017. * resolution stop training includes house and Deputy Khartoum. All be, son. If not, get the wrong with a sharp tabby spears if they beat if ftrqn individuals broken women's section and childbirth wao media training committee, February 13, 2017


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