The concession period

Under the student who finished graduation requirements prescribed successfully twelve months of clinical training called this period in the franchise and is considered an integral part of this period to study medicine and the student is qualified to practice medicine only after the completion of that period successfully.

Objectives :

 Development and application of medical information through clinical training.
 Trained doctor concession on autonomy at work and the ability to decide and deal with professional competence.
 Trained doctor privilege to work in harmony within the system of the medical team and know the limits of its potential and destiny and trained to seek advice from those who are more experienced.
 Accustom trainee on the style proper handling of the patient and his family.
 Training students on some non-clinical skills needed by a doctor, such as: communication skills, diction skills, some management skills and so on.
 Muslim doctor applying ethics in all its work and commitment to do so.


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