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In the name of God
Doctors Sudan Central Committee
Obituary teachings
Who remembers the sorrow and mourns doctors central Sudan Commission Dermatology specialist hospital sinar and professor of medicine university of sinar late:
D. Congratulations Adam Arabic
Who claimed his soul. The impact of aggravated assault and left signed within his clinic in the city of sinar by one of the citizens.
We are at the doctor's commission on Central Sudan as to where we mourn his human towards patients and patriarchal towards his students as we mourn the value of the doctor has deteriorated and she is evolving to call attacks killing phase in misconduct and shameful and totally weird. We have not seen Never ever.
Our condolences to his family and his family and his little students and patients, and all the doctors.
Gonna work next committee statement details of what happened and what will be the deal about the position of the doctors about this cataclysmic event, asserting that human life is sacred is in the earth, and that there is no justification for any soul to take.
To Allah we belong and to him we return
January 26, 2017


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