Sub-sea educational hospital

Sudan doctors central committee. Naval Hospital. Subset of education. Dear Doctors. I saw this december month (where mobility attended every deputy educational naval hospital behind their rights and dignity of recovery have been submitting letters from all sections demanding payment of dues financial house of late for four months. I've [...]

Field work report

In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful, the central committee of doctors Sudan ((field work) greets doctors central committee sudan total doctors in and out of Sudan and refer to continue its field mobility for rearranging the ranks of the doctors and enlightening and debate with them. In [...]


Dozens of doctors participated sudanese yesterday Monday in a protest in front of the headquarters of the ministry of health in khartoum authorities claim to protect them, following the death of a colleague to them in his own clinic by a citizen in sinnar city (28 km south of the [...]

Clarify important ((for the vigil to doctors Sudan))

Tomorrow doctors Sudan regulates the number of the vigil in the capital and the US in protest against the heinous crime that took the lives of Adam D.mbark Arabic Dermatology consultant Psonar and to demand the speedy enactment protect the doctor and health staff law. That the general guidelines are [...]

Field work report

Committee salutes crowds doctors inside and outside Sudan refers to continue to field mobility to rearrange the ranks of doctors and enlighten them and debate them in all the files and issues concerning mobility. [...]