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In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful, the central committee of doctors Sudan (an interesting statement) doctors and honorable: Greeting Committee has respected doctors central Sudan closely following events in naval hospital education after doctors claim to manage the hospital late payouts for four months, The administration has shown clear concerning the demands of doctors and may represent: - the non-recognition of their entitlements even if delayed. - refuse to sit with the doctors to get to the solution to the problem. - Security-doctors and expel them from accidents by hospital security. It doctors in Naval Hospital (Women's section and generate and ortho) lifting the memo to manage nautical hospital in viii of December, being that if you never spend salaries within 48 hours will go into the doctors on strike and then It has been lifted on strike notice on Sunday, 18 December, being with cover incidents until this afternoon and had been expelled from the house of emergency by force and then decided to return the deputies to serve in emergencies and engage in an open hunger strike cold cases since 19 December, being. Doctors Lạmạjd: I confirmed this administration. It's not paying attention to the citizen interest nor doctor alike, and you don't care to solve the problems of the doctors was clear intransigence and unethical dealings doctors out by force of incidents of Obstetrics and gynaecology, and didn't stop at that. Just limit it has continued to further by filed a complaint against the doctors to the board of medical disciplines that these doctors broke council regulations they strike about accidents, falsifications reality forced them out of them by hospital security personnel, as well as Had the return part of Deputy Orthopedics Council disciplines for the same reason above. Honorable: doctors have embodied a naval hospital sub model for career wise in dealing with the hospital administration and by not responding to provocation, and commitment to cover emergency, and the lack of response to stress management class doctors apartment unit. Conclusion: we're in Sudan, the central committee of doctors working to improve the health situation in the country, and who have suffered from mismanagement in hospital a lot, and his doctors Sudan in October and November is only a first step towards change, and the second will be beyond Not average and deeper, and we'll be together against all of the doctors of, bearing in mind our note which approached her.. long as doctors unit about the December 22


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