An important statement

In the name of God
Doctors Sudan Central Committee
An interesting statement
Honorable Doctors:
Hi to you. Greeting Committee resilience and patience and you drive around so she's in the most difficult circumstances and in more twists, turns, and unity as we salute your steadfastness and your tenacity just emphasize that the only guarantee to protect the gains achieved and to continue in the way of uprooting our rights and the rights The Sudanese people in reality better healthy is through our unity and a common understanding.
Doctors Lạmạjd:
That Emergency Case in the yard now issue which continues to arrest dr jihad areexperienced sixth day and xx, respectively, the commission had continued doctors central Sudan during the past two days its mobility for his release and him under your ownership of the commission's information...
Dr. Jihad had family to visit him on November 21, according to the family, he's healthy and he did not suffer any injury, as he has not yet been charged with anything for him. He, therefore, there is no justification for the continuation of arbitrary arrest But hurt as bad intentions towards doctors.
Commission will doctors central Sudan by all possible means and efforts to expedite the release of a member of its sub-Committee Secretary Hospital Muhammad Hamid D. Areexperienced Jihad-Abdul Hameed, we note the campaign initiated by the commission through its media activist and across from assembly members in various media and the need for active participation from all sides.
That the continued detention of d. Jihad areexperienced affected every doctors like to work for his release is cause everybody and you meet the commission of a number of the arrangements will be posted soon for the restoration of d. Jihad areexperienced freedom really authentic and not a favour from anyone.
Freedom to Dr. Jihad areexperienced...
Long live unity of doctors..
Media Committee
November 25, 2016


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