Training Affairs Office

Central Committee Sudan.. Doctors office for training - women's section and childbirth.. Gentlemen Deputies.. These days pass deputies a sharp turn and dangerous threatens their future and future generations is khartoum centre which happened A source of worry and doubt and suspicion as a result of blurry its goals and lack of clear regulations with regard to our rights and obligations. Gentlemen. Deputies.. continue their efforts in the past days estimated made by your committee in the narrative of events and adequate explanation council regulations and policies of the centre and the points of divergence circle in many meetings and social media. My doctors.. after that the security of all the doctors I have total rejection and unequivocal khartoum centre in its current form in agreement with all the house of the committee had a meeting with the chairman of the council of women allocate and childbirth and the rejection notice house of khartoum centre among And detail. Unfortunately didn't lead the meeting to tangible result as has been submitted a formal speech is the signature of the majority of their rejection of representatives shows the distribution centre name has been surrendered after rejecting secretarial section chief and receipt stating that the order of guidance from the council Straight. Gentlemen Deputies.. after draining every peaceful ways that attached to it until the last minute to avoid the potential damage on all parties and after extensive consultation with representatives and the committee, the consensus was the following :- 1-meeting all women vice-Chairpersons and birth to distributors Khartoum on Sunday at 9 a.m. by the board of medical disciplines their refusal to confirm receipt via Khartoum Centre and adherence to distribute through the medical disciplines just change. 2-is excluded from the council meeting all of them nbţshyh on Sunday - just to change - to cover the nbţshyh old positions and not with the rest of the new council to attend. 3-if the rejected by the council and position immediately lifted a letter through all deputies give pause for 48 hours with the cover of accidents, to stop all the deputies on training Tuesday morning to 14/2/2017 House of re-distributed through the council and nothing but the council. 4-the first deputy foreman on receipt of the mandates of training session new February 2017. 5-house stop all cold cases with the obligation to cover accidents just on Tuesday 14/2/2017. at the 6 Case of any damage or use of threats and disperse and merry stop all deputies about training including house right now. Our strength in our unit...... May God success me women's section and childbirth wao training February 11, 2017


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