An important statement

In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful
Doctors Commission Central Sudan
An interesting statement:
Witnessed the early hours of the morning to release fellow hero
D. Jihad Abdel Moneim which almost arrested a month in the dungeons of the security apparatus.. No offence only crimes committed against our people, it's actually healthy and sound...
We extend thanks to all who have been interested in pursuing the case.. of journalists, lawyers, colleagues...
We also affirm that freedom of opinion and expression is an inherent right, not a favour from one of them. How the time what he wills.
Renew our warm congratulations to all the doctors over home, sweet home...
The family. Jihad Abdel Moneim....
We pledge to a neutral about this way. It is imperative that we get to our goals are represented in the implementation of the note, whatever the cost.
Let's see we went prison and won't bend our resolve
Silence is a disgrace
Fear is a disgrace
Who we are.
Day person.
Nkhạşm ghosts
Live in waiting
We will continue to dig in the wall
Either we opened a gap to light.
Our or on the face of the wall.
Long live unity of doctors...
Inform the committee
November 29, 2016


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