Field work report

In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful, the central committee of doctors Sudan ((field work) greets doctors central committee sudan total doctors in and out of Sudan and refer to continue its field mobility for rearranging the ranks of the doctors and enlightening and debate with them. In all cases And files belonging to the move. #Murder D. Congratulations Adam Arabic: implemented doctors Central Committee Sudan Silent Vigil of the federal ministry of health to condemn the murder of the deceased and demand to expedite the enactment of a law to protect the doctor and health cadres despite heavy security presence and attempts during the doctors on its implementation. Sub-committee also carried out in the city of sinar in collaboration with the students of the faculty of medicine, University of sinar similar stance in a college attendance of the bereaved family. #Narrowing the members of the security apparatus on doctors protesters: members of the security apparatus in narrowing on some doctors and tearing publications and signs the condemning the murder of Dr. Mubarak and calling the conservation of the dignity of the doctors, he also individuals on my phone a doctor and destroy memory chip Own it. We in the committee of Central Sudan doctors strongly condemn this behaviour and consider it continued oppression and narrow mentality with ray and liberty and a clear breach of the right of freedom of expression guaranteed under the constitution of the peaceful country in all international laws and norms, we won't give up that right. All rights to reform the health system in the country. #Field Visit Hospital Soba Campus: Doctors Central Committee Sudan and in the presence of several members of the executive office and hospital sub committee soba convened a meeting of the general assembly of Soba-University hospital at noon on Thursday January 26th being where doctors were enlightening various Aspects of mobility since lifting last strike in November. The meeting discussed the following issues: 1-strike and lifting note items and developments in the demands of doctors. 2-the position of the committee about coordinating with the committee (upstream of the doctors sudan legitimacy). 3-Mobility Sudanese street and coordinating with other professional objects. 4-organize, re-arrange classes and strengthen the various committee structures. 5-the future prospects and evolution of moving the meeting was discussed in attendance on all files before that another meeting will be held at the earliest opportunity be elected, and strengthening of the sub-Committee in the hospital. The Committee will continue its meetings with general assemblies in different hospitals and continue with total doctors within and outside the home through detailed data on bet and the future of mobility. Long as doctors unit about the January 30, 2017


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