Clarify important ((for the vigil to doctors Sudan))

Tomorrow doctors Sudan regulates the number of the vigil in the capital and the US in protest against the heinous crime that took the lives of Adam D.mbark Arabic Dermatology consultant Psonar and to demand the speedy enactment protect the doctor and health staff law.
That the general guidelines are as follows:
* The silent vigils to raise slogans will be written by the Commission and calls for doctors to write slogans on posters and printed papers ... Examples:
((Assassination D.mbark Adam Arabic offense where ignorance and Subscribe state's failure to carry out their roles)).
((Collapsed = = angry citizen doctor is unable to work environment))
((Hand in hand to grab the rights))
* The Commission requests that all doctors abide by wearing Allibikut and attendance at the time and place designated taking care to document the event.
Location: - Khartoum before the Federal Ministry of Health
- States (according Mathdd sub-committees).
When: Monday, January 30 - 13:00 am.
Media Committee
January 29, 2017


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