Sub-sea educational hospital

Sudan doctors central committee. Naval Hospital. Subset of education. Dear Doctors. I saw this december month (where mobility attended every deputy educational naval hospital behind their rights and dignity of recovery have been submitting letters from all sections demanding payment of dues financial house of late for four months. I've dealt with the OB / gyn department insultingly, deputies were expelled from the specialist and emergency. and upon their return to work and raise a strike notification within 48 hours. December 19th. This deal humbling or professional is considered an insult to every doctor and duty doctors I defend their dignity. Besides being extradited back letters every Deputy Orthopedics and five presidents of Obstetrics and gynaecology council medical disciplines as a punishment to me their claim their entitlements. To prejudice the doctor considers prejudice to all doctors, so i dare deputy naval hospital in all sections and uploaded a speech on 25 Dec, refuses to governance and demands cold mind doctors and their rights in full. Claimed were: - bounce house of arbitrarily laid before the hospital an official letter is clear. - a formal apology by the department of ill-treatment with the deputies. - put clear scheduling to distract those benefits. Doctors of evacuation. The following results. That is because of your union admin behind your rights were :. Re-Generation of women and Vice-Presidents And Orthopedics, and working at the hospital as of today. Believe - benefits months-August, October and November - to be disbursed monthly benefits, August and October. The Committee will follow closely the implementation of the current administration claimed with or who will succeed him in the near future. We reaffirm the nautical hospital doctors that we are one hand against looting doctors or prejudice the rights and dignity in any place. Naval Hospital doctors committee on education - the media office. December 27, 2016


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